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Over the past sixteen years the people of Keene and Einbeck have been actively engaged in strengthening our partnership. Official delegations from both cities have had numerous opportunities to visit and learn from one another. Students, athletes, choral groups, law enforcement officers, public works leaders, educators, musicians, fire fighters, physicians, business people and political leaders have traveled across the ocean and formed bonds of friendship and partnership that now go beyond official exchanges. We learn from one another, we share cultural and artistic ideas and we have formed strong personal and professional relationships that will last a lifetime.We are turning to those who may have experienced some of the wonderful and heartwarming experiences of our international partnership. Because we believe it is our mutual desire to continue to realize the benefits of international exchange within our community we are asking you to please help support these efforts.  Of every dollar raised 100% will be invested into programs we feel will benefit those in our communities who value our international partnership and wish to see it continue and prosper.

Thank you very much for your continued support.

Most sincerely,

Keene Partner City Committee