Your SEWER account number is located in the upper right-hand corner of your bill and will be the first set of numbers (preceeding the /) listed after "Account #". Do not enter any leading zeros. Ex: 12345 . For additional help locating this information please click on the sample bill below.

  • Official PAYOFF amounts cannot be obtained online. To request an official payoff amount, you must contact our offices at the number listed below.


  • Payments will be applied in a manner consistent with rules of the receiving authority.

2023 Invoices are going to an Impending Lien Notice status, please call the office if you want a final payoff figure for those invoices.  

Also, please note this will be shutdown until July 15th, 2024 or longer.  Payment methods will be cash, check, certified bank check, or if you come to the office you can pay PROPERTY only by credit card with a 2.99% fee.