RSA 31:8 Town Officers’ Associations. For the encouragement of equitable taxation and the education of public officials in tax problems and other matters pertaining to the proper and efficient discharge of the duties of their respective offices, each town and city shall pay annually to the NH Association of Assessing Officials, the NH City and Town Clerks’ Association, and the NH Tax Collectors’ Association, such amounts as shall be due for annual membership for its officials therein, providing that the amount paid for any one annual membership hereunder shall not exceed $20. Members of these several organizations in addition to the annual membership fee, shall be entitled to receive their actual expenses incurred in attending the annual convention of their respective associations, the same to be audited by the selectmen of towns and the finance committee of cities and paid out of city and town funds. (Passed 1921, last amended 1973)

Note – In 2014 the membership dues form contained a new section entitled “Buy Back”. This section was added to give Tax Collectors and Deputy Tax Collectors the opportunity to buy back year(s) of service. Beginning in 2014, the buy back will be offered every three years with the caveat that Collectors will only be allowed to buy back the prior three years. (For example: In 2017 you will only be allowed to buy back to 2014.)


If you have any questions about the Buy Back or membership dues please contact an Executive Board member.